Mason 'Mace' Wilkins

Mace is a Registered Kundalini, Lightarian™ Reiki Master.

Mason is a Reiki Master Teacher in multiple styles of Reiki: Primarily, Angel, Usui (traditional), Kundalini, Lightarian, and Ayurveda. Mace has been attuned multiple times by different Reiki masters to ensure optimal energy flow and In fact has been attunement to the Latest updates of Kundalini Reiki by the original Master himself, Ole Gabrielson. Other things to mention is that Mason has had his DNA activated and Chakras not just cleaned and cleared but activated as well. He is currently working to remove all trapped emotions aswell and become a clear source for oneness. He has had multiple energy clearings and reiki sessions and gained a tremendous lot from this experience. He has a lot of energy work from masters like Ole Gabrielson, where he has even had karma removal and his Kundalini manually activated and optimised.
Working with the Lightarian energies have been very useful as well as it has helped Mace to undergo an 'accelerated spiritual journey' by being attuned to the Lightarian Rays, Clearing, Angel links and Purification Rings (Ascended Masters, Archangels & Seraphim). As you can see after all this energy work and daily balancing and healing it has led Mace to be able to embody more of his higher self and remove a wide range of energetic blocks to allow him to work more with spirit.
Mace is also undergoing the Soul Alchemist training from Gustavo Castaner (Ascended Relationships) allowing Mace to perform a number of powerful healing using Harmonic Resonance Codes. He is currently certified to Soul Alchemist Level 1 and has undergone Level 2 training.

You want a reiki master which takes care of themselves as much as others, this is to ensure the proper energy flow and experience - even if a Reiki healer is just a channel for Reiki. Mason is also a musician and go-getter. Who has always been known to bring joy and happiness to people far before he got into any form of energy healing.

Even though he had future dreams/remote viewing from early as a child. Mason found energy work from going through many many courses on personal development and reading 100s of books. Which he still does today. When he came across energy work and decided to ‘give it a shot’ he was stunned at the results - better than what he gained from 100s of books with 1% of the effort! Thus this led to him become passionate about sharing this healing modality with the world and helping people through this way. Mason is also a qualified teacher and teaches music and personal development!

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